Digital Electric
Digital Electric, technology, inventions, innovations

Digital Electric, technology, inventions, innovations

Digital Electric  and Digital Electricity
will be the site for the latest wireless, electronic, laser light inventions, innovations and products for the future.

All the latest tec stuff and inventions from the BBC Click

International Space Station ... click this link for Future Energy and technology  Space travel in our your flight! Thanks Richard

Now a while ago a few mates worked on some tec, that would sit in every electric device in the home, and would accept digital signals and re-constitute them as no more need for wires or electric mains cables. The digital signal would tandem with convensional tv. wireless and broadband, and is completly safe..until it reconstitues as full electricity in the box chip set, to give full charge to devices. At present only small houshold converters are working, but soon large industrail grade ones can work in ANY situation. Imagine no more wires cables or power lines. The models and plans are stored in Swiss bank. The main problem now is the master terminal generators and meters to send this to all the the boxes. but is on-going. the investment and size will be enormous. Even Hospitals and factories can use the invertion boxes, with storage and back up power. Just for the future...

3D printing at home..industry standard, print anything.

Every home should have one...even goes back on it's own to re-charge itself...hoovers and mops all the floors

Solar Roadways & Highways...

NIF bringing Star Power to Earth

Imagine a future in which wireless electricity

CNN news

Energy Tranfer

How standard electricity works

THE WORLDS FIRST COMPUTER over 2000 years old!

 Check out the latest tec stuff from the BBC

DNA Computers
The future of digital in your home
 Latest news for apple macs with IOS 5

Outdoor gear/Sporting Goods High power torches... Barnstaple

TechCrunch  Outdoor gear/Sporting Goods High power torches
Hunting night vision torch
  electric cars of the future  experience Human flight 

Water Fueled Car...electric hybred...why not run on just water, H2O? 

Magnetic hybrid

Infinity-from Earth to Intergalactic Space Journey...Digital Electric will be there!

Steven Hawkings Travel at the speed of light...with digital electricity

Future Technology...devices concept, hi-tec gadgets

Heaps of edc  is up and running... click this link

Planoptics...Light Field Camera's everything you need for your web site in the future

at the moment also linking to our Travel Tourism sites please click on the links below  Tourism, everything you need to know about Croyde Devon area 
the wonderful beaches, rocks, Cliffs, Surfing and all the accommodation in the area...Saunton, Georgeham, Puttsborough and Braunton...

More Electronic inventions, gadgets and essentials to follow?  a link to properties in Devon    will also be the site for the latest technology electronic inventions, innovations and products for the future.

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Digital Electric, technology, inventions, innovations